C2C Staffs Lists and Contacts

One of our core values is teamwork, since we feel it ensures effectiveness and honesty in the way we carry out our work. Meet the team that makes it happen.
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S/N Name Position Phone# Email
1 Endalkachew Yaregal Founder and Director +251 (0) 911 807044 endalkachew.y@c2cethiopia.org
2 Selam Dessalew Accountant and Admin Officer 0918719547 selam.d@c2cethiopia.org
3 Serkalem Amare Community Officer, Wadela 0918058891 serkalem.a@c2cethiopia.org
4 Fikerte Wuletaw Community Officer, Meket 0918445168 fikrte.w@c2cethiopia.org
5 Dejen Amenu Community Officer, Wadela 0918 195655 dejen.a@c2cethiopia.org
6 Yilak Gelanew Community Officer, Lay Gayint 0912383043 yilak.g@c2cethiopia.org
7 Demeke Zana Project Coordinator, Arbaminch 0911307274 Demeke.z@c2cethiopia.org
8 Elias Belete Dada Community Officer, Zala Woreda 0935838451 Elias.b@c2cethiopia.org
9 Elias Kunda Shelana Community Officer, Geresa Woreda 0913321693 Elias.k@c2cethiopia.org
10 Wondu Wogaso Community Officer, Boreda woreda 0949666670 Wondu.w@c2cethiopia.org