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Since 2020

ዜጎች ለዜጎች (Zegoch Lezegoch-ZlZ), known in English as Citizen to Citizen (C2C) Development organization, is a local civil society organization that aims to catalyze and leverage people’s efforts to address the most urgent needs and root causes of poverty.

C2C born in December 2021 after witnessing the large-scale displacement of people caused by ongoing conflict, drought, deprivation, and various other crises. To increase the scale of its work and reach a wider population of communities, C2C adapts a community-led approach named ‘Irsho’. Irsho is the Amharic word for the natural yeast used to make injera and bread (a staple in the Ethiopian diet), an ingredient that stimulates and catalyses growth. The approach works in a similar way, working to change the way people think about and deliver aid and providing microgrants to stimulate growth.

Communities reached
ETB on micro grants - 2022

the communities

Get to know the communities we work with---

SalonMesk - Women's Group
Women's capacity to assist in communities makes a difference.

hager alegnta2
Hager Aliegnta
We have served as a model. now that people have supported themselves

WorkAmba - Women's Group
Women need to be heard, as they have valuable ideas.

Making an effort to help someone will not harm you.

Core activities

Grant Small  Scale Fund 
  • Provide microgrants for community proposals through small-scale matching funds.
Build Community Based  Institutions
Capacity building for community-based institutions and emerging groups to plan, implement, and manage their own development processes.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
    Monitoring and evaluation systems were developed and used.
  • Experience and Lesson
    Experiences and lessons are documented and disseminated.
  • Project Management, Coordination & Training
    Project management, coordination, and training.