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Triple nexus


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Triple nexus:


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Triple nexus:


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Working alongside communities affected by natural and human-made crisis in Ethiopia Community-led initiatives that seeks to alleviate poverty A new approach to development Redefining aid



Citizen to Citizen

C2C established in December 2021, after witnessing the large-scale displacement of people caused by ongoing conflict, drought, deprivation and various other crisis. To increase the scale of its work and reach a wider population of communities, C2C adapts a community led approach named ‘Irsho’. Irsho is the Amharic word for the natural yeast used to make Injera and bread (A staple in the Ethiopian diet), an ingredient that stimulates and catalyzes growth. The approach works in a similar way, working to change the way people think about and deliver aid and providing micro grants to stimulate growth.

A humanitarian and development organization that is changing the way people think about and deliver aid.


ዜጎች ለዜጎች (Zegoch Lezegoch)

ዜጎች ለዜጎች (Zegoch Lezegoch) known in English as Citizen to Citizen (C2C) Development organization, is a local civil society organization that aims to catalyze and leverage people’s efforts to address the most urgent needs and root causes of poverty.


Our mission is to develop and deliver forms of humanitarian assistance that strengthen the values, dignity, capacities and interconnectedness of Ethiopian people to help one another in times of crisis and collectively address root causes of vulnerability (Compassion, mutual aid, collective action)

C2C will address three interrelated mission components:

Applying and refining the Irsho (sclr) approach

Applying and refining the Irsho (sclr) approach to maximize its contribution to communal self-help and transformative change within crisis affected populations, in collaboration with other actors.

Reimagining the role of genuine national civil society

Reimagining the role of genuine national civil society not as implementers of aid-dependent, donor-led projects but as a vibrant proactive means of challenging current norms and promoting the voice, dignity, leadership and interconnectedness of the Ethiopian people still living in poverty.

Helping change the way in which humanitarian aid

Helping change the way in which humanitarian aid (national and international) is used in Ethiopia to include more holistic and transformative aims and practices that focus on empowering crisis affected people to lead their own responses, short and long term.



Guarantees to ensures our integrity and efficiency as a civil society actor seeking to accompany local community members.


help community groups to prioritize urgent needs and maintaining meaningful relationship with and


Ensure a continues improvement to grow , improve and to adapt as required. Remain flexible and adjust our approaches based on real experiences (learn from successes and from the failures)


Respect and inclusion

attitude of facilitating role for more holistic, transformative, impactful, compassion and impartiality that contribute to achieve the intended goals.

Core Values

To introduce, develop, and mainstream practical approaches that enable humanitarian aid to increase the scale and impact on the lives of people.

To build a culture of autonomous initiatives and continuous learning through promoting self-dignity and growth that address root causes of vulnerability.

To be creative and resourceful in finding local solutions and opportunity

Gotoch Idir

A member of the Gotoch collective, who focused on agricultural production, Desalgeyn was one of many who received 2 quintals of wheat and now estimates that he has about 30 quintals to sell. This collective also focused on supporting vulnerable members of their community.

Workamba Women's Group

These women meet twice weekly to spin cotton, as the Workamber Women's group prioritized establishing an income with the grant they received from Zegoch le Zegoch. This prioritization demonstrates that the group are thinking about the future, as the Irsho approach enables them to work towards a better future. Now that an income has been established they have decided to support the community around them contribute & benefit the communities !

ዜጎች ለዜጎች

We really appreciate your donation, which will be used to benefit local causes.

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